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Vacation on the Unterguggenberg Farm

“To feel the pulse of your own heart. Internal peace, external peace. To learn to breathe again, that’s it.”
(Christian Morgenstern)

Unterguggenberg Farm

Family vacation in Taisten and the Kronplatz vacation area

Stories told by our vintage kitchen stove

For almost 40 years now I have lived on the Unterguggenberg Farm and am an important member of the family because, as you all know, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Together with Grandma Hilda I have been able to make everybody feel welcome at our house. Many times the pleasant aromas escaping from pots and pans I was heating up lured curious guests into the kitchen.
Eventually, I stopped keeping track of how many guests we entertained and how many people warmed themselves by my side. I enjoyed conversations and laughter, music and festivities, secrets entrusted and novelties revealed.

For the children, I was always something like an older brother. They could lean on me and feel safe, they got comfortable next to me and watched Grandma Hilda while she prepared the meals.
And then The Unterguggenberg Farm was renovated and suddenly my life changed. It was said that I did not comply with the current safety regulations anymore. Oh, how I worried about my future – did I even have one?

But thank God nobody wanted to part with me, and a solution was quickly found. I was turned into the new barbecue grill. Since then, I proudly and handsomely adorn the garden in front of the house and watch children play on the trampoline, run through the grass on their bare feet and play with cats and rabbits. I am happy to have company, and the guests enjoy my services.

You, dear reader, are also cordially invited to keep me company!

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